Lamercie Youth and Adult Services, Inc.

Summary: Lamercie’s Outpatient Dual Diagnosis Treatment scope of services are Drug and Alcohol, Anger Management, Relapse Prevention, Crisis Intervention, 12-Step Program, DSM-IV Diagnosis, Medical screening, Chiropractic, Life & Social Skill and more. Also, we offer referrals to other services based on individual need. This is a 5 session designed MediCal and sliding scale fee program.

Lamercie Youth and Adult Services, Inc.

“I’m Not Alone” Program

Address: 2251 Florin Road, Ste 108, Sacramento, CA 95823

Contact: 916-665-2828


Employment Development Department (EDD)

Summary: The EDD Workforce Services Branch offers Various Job Search and Training Assistance as outlined on their website . Services are designed to assist Job Seekers, People with Disabilities, Older Workers, Military Veterans and Youth. EDD also provides Information on how to receive Unemployment Insurance, Disability Insurance, Bonding Certification, and Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Certification

Employment Development Department (EDD)

Address: 2901 50th Street (Mark Sanders Career Center)

Contact: Randy Hadley, 227-0314

Veteran Employment Services Specialist (VESS) Email:

Contact: Janice Brown (916) 227-1388

Employment Program Representative (EPR) Email:




Summary: The DMV provides information for obtaining a California Driver License or Identification card to PACT participants as well as driver handbooks that can help prepare for testing at DMV offices. DMV can also make appointments at the DMV office of your choice. These services are provided at not charge.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Address: 2470 24th Street

Contact: Dumar Cotton, 657-6492 Email:

The Anger Medium

Summary: The Anger Medium is a certified educational and training service. We provide constructive avenues to resolve anger issues. Our goal is to stop the violence. We offer 12, 26, and 52-week programs. All fees are based on a sliding scale.

The Anger Medium

Address: 7000 Franklin Blvd./920 Del Paso Blvd.

Contact: Otis Bailey, 878-6511


All Of Us Or None

Summary: We are a national organizing effort to strengthen the voices of formerly incarcerated people. We are determined to win full restoration of our civil and human rights after release from prison. Our goal is to build political power in the communities most affected by mass incarceration and the growth of the Prison Industrial Complex.

All Of Us Or None

Address: 4104 44th Street, Sacramento, CA 95820

Contact: Emery at 307-2004 or Aaliyah at 501-9988 Email:




Affordable Counseling and Educational Services

Summary: We offer a variety of educational and counseling services for individuals, couples and families at six locations in the Greater Sacramento Area. Some of the programs include a 52-week Batterer’s Intervention Treatment Program, a 26-week Anger Management Program, and a 52-week parenting program.

Affordable Counseling & Educational Services

Mailing Address: 6030 Turquoise Drive, Rocklin, CA 95677

Contact: Roman Montague, 630-9188