Summer 2013, coming to you…

It is our intention to begin an aggressive recruiting campaign this summer, in churches throughout California and helping churches to see the great need of the domestic mission field in their own back yard.

We intend to implement training programs, workshops, conference calls, webinars and isolated social networking devices to support volunteers and open & maintain lines of communication among volunteers, trainers, pastoral/ministry staff and law enforcement. We also intend to create workshops and open lines of communication that will specifically foster Sponsor and Parole Agent communications and understanding.

It is our full intention to work with organizations and form strategic alliances with ministries and organizations who already have viable programs to help strengthen and compliment each other rather than to duplicate identical resources competing for funding, personnel, etc.

Bethesda has a hardline approach when it comes to parole violation and crime. We believe that through these programs, recidivism and victimization will be reduced. However, while we do our best to support the inmate, parolee and family, we have a zero tolerance policy on crime and parole violations. Sponsors, Volunteers and Bethesda staff are expected to report any known criminal activity or parole violation.